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What Gender Pays More for Car Insurance? (2023)


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What Gender Pays More for Car Insurance?: Overview

Male drivers (especially teens and young adults) get into more fatal car accidents, according to 2021 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They’re also more likely to drive under the influence. Because people who are considered high-risk drivers are more likely to file claims, car insurance companies tend to charge them higher premiums.

Average Car Insurance Costs for Men and Women

According to Quadrant Information Services, the national average cost of car insurance is $1,340 per year or $112 per month for women and $1,391 per year or $116 per month for men for full coverage. That means men pay about $51 more per year or about 4% more than women on average.

The table below lists average costs of full-coverage auto insurance for men and women throughout the country. Florida is the only state to have a lower average rate for male drivers, but the difference is only $1.

*These averages include data from the 50 to 100 most populous cities and the five to 10 most popular car insurance providers in each location.

Does Gender Affect Car Insurance Rates in Every State?

Not all states allow insurers to use the gender listed on your driver’s license as a factor for determining your car insurance premium. These are the states that don’t allow someone’s gender to influence their insurance rate:

  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania

Average Car Insurance Cost by Company

While the gender listed on your driver’s license can affect how much you pay for car insurance, so can the insurance company you choose. The table below shows some of the largest providers’ average full-coverage rates for men and women.

*These averages include data from the 50 to 100 most populous cities and the five to 10 most popular car insurance providers in each location.

Other Factors That Impact Your Car Insurance Premium

There’s no one formula that insurance providers follow to set rates. So while one company might put more emphasis on gender, another might care more about your age, location or marital status.

Image of a driving profile showcasing details that car insurance companies use to set premiums

How Age Influences Your Insurance Premium

A driver’s age has a big impact on their insurance rate, particularly for teenagers. As new drivers, teenagers are typically the riskiest motorists on the road.

Once drivers age out of their teens, rates start to decrease substantially. For instance, 21-year-old drivers pay an average of about 60% less for full coverage than 16-year-old drivers do. From there, rates steadily decline until drivers hit their mid-70s.

Seniors are expensive to cover because they statistically get into more accidents and have more severe injuries than their younger peers. Older drivers also require more expensive medical treatment after accident-related injuries.

How To Save Money on Car Insurance

When shopping for auto insurance, ask if there are any discounts you qualify for. Many car insurance companies offer savings for things like being a customer for a number of years, belonging to a professional organization or having certain safety features in your car. And if there’s a teenage driver on your insurance policy, ask providers about discounts like those for good students or for college students who are living away from home without cars.

Icons representing six common discounts offered by car insurance companies

Telematics Insurance Could Reduce Your Rate

If you have safe driving habits, telematics insurance could lower your rate. Also known as usage-based insurance, these programs track your driving through a mobile app or a device that plugs into your car.

Telematics insurance can reduce your premium if you avoid things like driving late at night or speeding. While some insurers will just not give you a discount if you show risky driving habits while enrolled in a telematics program, others will raise your rate.

Allstate Drivewise stands out with its large discount and its promise not to increase your auto insurance premium based on bad driving habits. State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save™ discount is ideal for someone who doesn’t drive much.

What Gender Pays More for Car Insurance?: Conclusion

While the gender listed on your license is typically a factor in how much you pay for insurance, several other elements come into play. In general, female drivers pay less for car insurance coverage. However, your age, your insurance provider and where you live also have a major impact on your premium.

Top Auto Insurance Recommendations

Shopping around for car insurance can make a big difference in what you pay for coverage. Get insurance quotes from at least three providers and compare car insurance rates before choosing a policy. We recommend starting with State Farm and Geico.

State Farm: Best Customer Experience

State Farm’s coverage options and its low average rates for many types of drivers helped it earn the title of Best Customer Experience in our review of car insurance companies. Safe drivers can save money on their coverage with State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save telematics program, good driving discount and accident-free discount.

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Geico: Best for Budget-Conscious Drivers

Geico’s average rates tend to be significantly lower than national averages, which is part of why we named it Best for Budget-Conscious Drivers. The insurer also has 16 discounts, including its DriveEasy telematics program, defensive driving discount and good student discount.

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What Gender Pays More for Car Insurance?: FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about how gender affects car insurance premiums.


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