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Exclusive Programming Can Attract Audience And Local Advertisers To Your Smart TV Network

Palo Alto CA January 9, 2023; Even before Smart TV Network technology was a reality, The Auto Channel founders recognized the immense monetary value of the future technology that could use targeted local avails to sell new and used vehicles…

The Auto Channel Ownership and management have collectively  demonstrated the knowledge gained over 100 years of broadcast, digital dissemination and production of automotive programming and spot integration.

The Auto Channel, is the Only Logical local Program Choice That Can Increase Your Smart TV Network Share of Local Auto Dealer Advertising Revenue.

Why settle for hard to sell, impossible to promote “evergreen” programming when you can now establish your Smart TV Network as the local home of  “The Auto Channel” in every market, and generate meaningful incremental revenue from local auto dealers by providing them with a multi platform Network and subscription to re-publishable automotive programming for their web sites that can attract an in-market audience to their digital efforts.

The Auto Channel has over 60 years of hands-on experience creating, producing and distributing auto interest content as TV, and for the past 27 years as interactive on-line publishing, The Auto Channel Brand is already recognized by millions of on-line viewers attracted by its in-depth automotive information and entertainment, and with a Smart TV Network operator agreement The Auto Channel will exclusively bring it’s abilities, vision and know-how to your Smart TV Network.

The Auto Channel TV – The Only Relevant Programming For Smart TV Network  Auto Dealer Advertising and Promotion

Two elements differentiate The Auto Channel Brand

  • Over 27 years of million page content library and industry and viewer editorial acceptance of TheAutoChannel.com
  • TACH-TV is the only automotive TV network which has been designed from-the-ground-up using inexpensive technology to deliver the network’s feed to your station and which also makes it possible for local advertisers to virtually instantaneously add and change commercials to influence viewers already predisposed to purchase automotive products and services.

Local auto dealer TV programs and features will fit logically into the TACH-TV format. Whether it’s a dealer’s daily show reporting scores and results from its title-sponsored Little League; a dealer providing local car clubs with air time to promote their upcoming events; an FSBO event broadcast from a dealer’s lot; local traffic reports; car tips; car shows or a myriad of local auto-related recreational opportunities, nothing is more effective than locally focused programs, shown on a singly focused network.
Only the TACH-TV programming format can seamlessly integrate locally-originated and produced shows, extended commercials and advertorials into its national network program schedule
Your air time and on-line sales department’s will be able to exclusively pitch this new and desirable advertising and marketing opportunity to local auto dealers, their ad agencies, public relations and marketing departments, who will be able to consider TACH-TV as a new creative canvas that can re-energize and refocus their sales and marketing efforts on local television, and get your network a share of their budgets.

TACH-TV Easy To Sell Easy To Buy – No Restrictions

TACH-TV exponentially increases your Smart TV Network’s auto dealer desirable inventory with long form local avails in each delivered program.

TACH-TV is the first and only national broadcast network that’s built on an internet distribution platform, so last-minute commercial submissions and changes are never a problem.

TACH-TV advertisers can profitably exploit last-minute opportunities without the constraint of TV’s historical long lead times or rigid and expensive technical broadcast compliance parameters.

Programming Overview

TACH-TV’s  Smart TV Network schedule will feature programs that cover all facets of the automotive genre, from both The Auto Channel studios and from producers from around the world.

New Vehicles: The latest models and features of every new car sold in your market, exclusive Press Pass Coverage direct from the world’s major auto shows showing complete manufacturer new car unveiling events, expert reviews, timely auto industry news, car and truck buying tips from our experts, how-to-do-it features, green options, alt fuel news, RV news and updates

Classic: Classic vehicle coverage from around the world, including the most important Concours, “Searching for Lost Classics”, worldwide auction results and analysis, expert maintenance and ownership advice, Insurance tips, Meet the Owners

Sample Network Titles: The Car Show, Car and Grille, Road Trip, Auto Show Coverage, Carz4Girlz, Heels on Wheels, New Car Buyers Guide, Raceline, Motorz TV, The Vintage Vehicle Show, Driving Sports, XCorps Action Sports, Ride Along with Fireball Tim, Hagerty Classic Cars, Island Driver TV, Prototype Lights Cooper Tires Racing Series, Formula Drift Series, Behind the Smoke

Sample Local Programming Ideas:  International Auto Shows, Auto Dealer Events, New Car Test Drive Rodeo, FSBO Marketplace, Used Car Roundup, New Model Intro’s, Meet the staff, Service Close-up, Car Club News and Events, Mini Concours, Backline Bargains, Women and Cars, Teens and Cars, Community Service, Old Timers Car Talk, Radical Detailing

All titles and media identification are Trademarks owned by The Auto Channel, LLC and have been in continuous use since 1987: The Auto Channel, Auto Channel and TACH all have been in continuous use worldwide since 1987, in Print, TV, Radio, Home Video, Newsletters, On-line, and other media applications.

Bob Gordon, President

The Auto Channel

[email protected]


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