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Is automatic renewal on your car insurance costing you?

Remember the days before smartphones? Hard as it may be to believe, that was just 15 years ago. In fact, technology is so ubiquitous – online banking, groceries and shopping – it’s hard to think of the days before the internet.

So many things are automated for convenience, including renewing your car insurance. But while shopping around for a new policy every year may seem like a hassle, sticking with your current policy may hurt your wallet.

Automatic renewal on car insurance can mean your driving habits and change of circumstances are not taken into account. That’s why CAA NEO (North and East Ontario) launched the Review Before You Renew program, aimed at helping local drivers – whether they’re a CAA Member or not – review their policies to ensure they accurately reflect their driving habits and lifestyle to make sure they’re paying the best price possible for their policy.

To take part, all you need to do is contact CAA provide the date that your auto insurance is set to renew. After receiving your renewal date, CAA Insurance1 will send you a reminder 60 days prior to the renewal and will offer a complimentary policy review to get the right coverage and the best price possible for your needs.

Here are a few reasons why you should make sure you should review your auto insurance policy before you renew:

1. To make sure you have the right coverage

Over time, our driving habits and needs change – but many people don’t update their coverage to match the way they drive.

If you’re one of the many Canadians driving less these days, whether that’s because you work from home full time or you’re taking classes online rather than in-person, you might be paying too much for insurance. CAA MyPace™ is a pay-as-you-go insurance payment program designed specifically for people driving less than 12,000km per year.

However your driving habits have changed, reviewing your policy to reflect your current driving routine can help you save and make sure you have the right coverage for your needs.

2. To get the best value from your insurance policy

You likely did research when you first looked for auto insurance, but you might not be getting the best deal anymore. It’s important to take the extras and perks into consideration, as they can provide great value for simply updating your policy.

One example is the CAA Everyday Membership. It’s only $30 a year, and while it doesn’t include roadside assistance, it can help you save hundreds every year on insurance premiums, and gives you access to special pricing from over 126,000 global partner restaurants, retailers, and travel accommodations.

3. To get exclusive discounts and perks

In addition to only paying for the coverage you need, you can also save by bundling policies to get additional discounts. Canadians can bundle their CAA Auto and Home Insurance policies to save 10% on auto insurance and up to 12.5% on home insurance. Plus,  CAA Members can save up to 20%2 on CAA Auto Insurance and 10% on CAA Home Insurance2.

Another way to pay less on auto insurance is using winter tires3 – which can also help you drive safely on Canada’s icy roads through the winter months.

4. Because getting a policy review is complimentary

All it takes to get a quote is submitting your car insurance renewal date at GetCAAInsurance.ca.Then, CAA will send you a reminder 60 days before your insurance renews so you can get tailored advice and a complimentary policy quote, personalized to your needs.

Ultimately, while letting your car insurance renew automatically may be convenient, it could be costing you money. Updating your policy to reflect your current circumstances and driving habits could lead to significant savings.

To see how much you could save, talk to a licensed CAA Insurance Agent at 1-888-308-4701, or get a quote online for free.



1 Auto and Property Insurance are underwritten by CAA Insurance Company.

2 To qualify for the discount you must be a current CAA Member in good standing (CAA Membership dues paid in full by membership expiry date). Everyday Members maximum savings on auto insurance is 5%.

3 Underwriting rules apply. Rating applied to vehicles with four (4) winter tires that meet the winter tire designation. Installation no later than November 20 and removed no earlier than April 15.

/™ CAA trademarks are owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association.

Certain conditions, exclusions and underwriting eligibility rules apply.


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