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Introducing Smart Car Check: The Ultimate Vehicle History Report Resource for Auto Enthusiasts and Consumers Alike

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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 4, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Smart Car Check is pleased to announce the launch of its website, which has the incredible feature of checking the history of any UK vehicle just by entering the registration number.

Smart Car Check provides detailed vehicle history for cars in the United Kingdom. This website is set to revolutionize the car industry, being an exclusive provider of vehicle information for the UK market. With just the vehicle registration number one can uncover the whole history of any vehicle. After entering the required details and paying a very affordable price, the user can get a full UK vehicle report, including auction records (when available).

It is a helpful alternative for individuals looking to buy a used car in the UK since the market can be tricky and used cars may have a hidden history that the seller may want to hide.

The car check report provides details such as:

Year, make, model, engine, and dimensions of the car

if the vehicle was imported or exported

Mileage history and discrepancies

Auction records

Accident and damage records

Previous owners

Plate modifications

MOT and tax dues

Color modifications

Fuel economy, running costs, and CO2 emissions

Images of the vehicle (when available)

Among many more!

Smart car check reports include auction records & history of a car with 10+ photos per listing when available.

What kind of information does a report include?

Vehicle specifications

vehicle registration details

Auction records

Vehicle log book details

Number of previous keepers

Number of plate changes

Color changes

SMMT details

MOT & Tax dues


Mileage discrepancy


Imported/Imported Non EU

Certificate of destruction issued

Electric vehicle charging data

ULEZ compliance

Running costs

vehicle performance

fuel economy

C02 emissions

SafetyEuro N cap

Mileage history

MOT history


It is well known that used vehicles can bring many problems. 52% of vehicles sold in the UK used car market has a hidden history or something the seller may not want buyers to know. According to statistics,

-1 car in 10 was recorded as insurance right off

-679,390 were reported stolen in 2020

-1 car in 250 cars are sold after being scrapped

-1 car in 14 cars shows a mileage discrepancy

– 1 in 4 has had a number plate change.

– 1 in every 100 cars for sale online has a hidden past

The above facts are just some of the few reasons why a car check is important.

Smart Car Check is looking to provide a solution for the above-listed problems. This tool can uncover the past of any vehicle, and help user to make informed decisions and avoid any unwanted issues in the future. Individuals searching for auction data are also catered for. Smart Car Check is the only provider in the UK that offers auction records.

Using multiple sources, Smart Car Check determines whether the vehicle is stolen, imported, exported, written off, scrapped, or has a third-party trace risk. Furthermore, it checks whether the car’s number plate or color has changed or if any outstanding finance has been paid. In addition, it can find information about the previous owners of the vehicle and its recorded mileage.

How to check the history of a vehicle.

The following steps should be followed when making a history search

1. Find the vehicle’s registration number

2. Visit Smart Car Check and input the details in the field provided

3. Access will be granted to a vehicle history report after payment

About Smart Car Check

Smart Car Check seeks to become the leading provider of vehicle history reports in the United Kingdom, being the only company that offers auction records for any UK vehicle. The company provides very comprehensive reports with reliable data, gathered from trusted sources, giving the opportunity to uncover any vehicle’s past.

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