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Allstate Drivewise tracks your driving through an app or a plug-in device fitted to your car’s diagnostics port. At this time, new customers can only sign up through the app. If you use the Allstate Drivewise app, your phone needs to be on and connected to GPS service to use Drivewise. Let’s get into the details of what it tracks and how it works.

What Does Allstate Drivewise Track?

Allstate Drivewise monitors three main aspects of your driving: speed, hard braking and late-night trips.

  • Speed: The app considers anything over 80 mph unsafe, so your discount will go down if you drive faster than that. However, the app doesn’t track your speed relative to the speed zone. So Allstate won’t penalize you for driving 40 mph in a 30 mph zone.
  • Hard braking: Stopping short can reduce your discount. Everyone has to slam on the brakes now and then, but doing it regularly could mean you’re driving too aggressively.
  • Late-night driving: The Drivewise app considers any driving between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. during the week or from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. on the weekend to be late-night driving. While you might be a great driver, other people on the road during this time might not be, and that raises the risk of an accident.

Your speed and braking habits are mostly under your control, but it can be hard to control the time of day you drive if you commute at night. But since Allstate Drivewise won’t raise your rate, it doesn’t hurt to try the program and see if you get a discount.

Phone Activity

Allstate Drivewise also tracks phone activity. This feature lets drivers know when and how often they use their phones behind the wheel. It’s designed to provide awareness and encourage safer driving behavior, and it doesn’t affect the Drivewise discount.

How Does Allstate Drivewise Know You’re Driving?

Allstate Drivewise uses your phone’s GPS location service. As long as your phone is on and you’ve allowed physical activity and precise location permissions for the app, it will start logging a trip when a vehicle travels at least 15 mph for one minute.

You Can Delete Trips in the App

Since the app tracks your trips automatically, it may track a trip when you’re a passenger or riding public transportation. To solve this problem, Drivewise allows you to edit your trip history and delete trips. This means you can also delete certain trips to maintain a better driving score. However, there may be a limit to the number of trips you can delete in a certain time frame, so be mindful.

Drivewise Crash Detection

Allstate also offers an optional and free crash detection service within the Drivewise program. With this service, the app will send you a notification if it detects your vehicle crashing into another object at 25 mph or more. From the notification, you can:

  • Call 911
  • Request roadside assistance
  • Start a claim
  • Decline help or say it was a false alarm

Using Drivewise With a Family Policy

You can use Drivewise with multiple people on a family Allstate auto insurance policy. However, each driver must complete their own set of 50 trips to receive a discount. You’ll get a partial discount if only some of the drivers on the policy have completed 50 tracked trips.

Allstate Milewise®

Allstate offers a different usage-based program called Milewise. This is a pay-per-mile car insurance program that charges a daily rate plus a per-mile rate. If you don’t drive very often, you could save a lot of money with Milewise. However, it’s only available in 21 states.


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