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How Much Is State Farm Car Insurance? (2023)


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Factors That Affect State Farm Car Insurance Costs

A State Farm insurance agent uses several factors to determine insurance premiums, including:

  • Age: A driver’s age is one of the most significant elements that impacts insurance costs. Young drivers can expect to pay higher premiums.
  • Driving history: Those with clean driving records receive the best auto insurance rates. DUIs, speeding tickets and other moving violations can significantly raise your premiums.
  • Vehicle type: Vehicles with more powerful engines or fewer safety features often lead to higher insurance rates for drivers.
  • Marital status: Married drivers generally pay slightly less for car insurance than single drivers.
  • Credit history: In many states, having a low credit score can raise your car insurance rates.
  • Coverage type: Insurance companies offer various levels of coverage. A full-coverage policy will cost more than a minimum-coverage policy.

Icons showing the factors that influence the cost of car insurance

See how much State Farm costs for different driver profiles in the sections below.

State Farm Car Insurance Cost by Age

Age is one of the most significant factors used to determine auto insurance rates. Teen and young adult policyholders generally pay significantly higher premiums than their older counterparts.

See what drivers of different ages pay on average for a full-coverage State Farm policy.


State Farm Car Insurance Cost for High-Risk Drivers

Speeding tickets, DUIs and accidents can raise your State Farm car insurance premium by as much as 20% or more. See how accidents and violations may impact rates below.

State Farm Car Insurance Cost by State

Average rates for a State Farm comprehensive auto insurance policy fall below statewide averages in 36 out of 48 states and Washington, D.C., making the company an excellent choice for affordable car insurance coverage.

State Farm Car Insurance Discounts

State Farm offers several savings opportunities to make car insurance premiums more affordable. In addition to lower-than-average insurance premiums, State Farm customers can take advantage of the company’s discounts, including:

  • Multi-policy discount: Bundle your auto insurance coverage with renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance or life insurance to receive a multi-policy discount.
  • Multi-car discount: If you have more than one vehicle, you can save on total insurance premiums by insuring both cars on the same policy.
  • Good driver discount: Reduce insurance premiums by staying accident-free and avoiding speeding tickets or other traffic violations.
  • Good student discount: Full-time students with good grades can lower their insurance premiums by up to 25%.
  • Student away at school discount: Save money when your student under 25 is away at school and not using their car.
  • Vehicle safety discount: Modern cars with updated safety features such as anti-theft  qualify you for discounted insurance premiums. 

Drive Safe & Save Program

Telematics insurance programs are becoming increasingly popular ways to save. These usage-based insurance programs allow drivers to receive insurance discounts as a reward for good driving habits. 

With State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save™, customers receive a Bluetooth device to mount inside their vehicle. This device tracks driving behaviors such as  acceleration, braking and cornering. Those who practice safe driving habits while on the road can save up to 30% off their current insurance premiums.

Steer Clear

Teens and young adult drivers can receive discounts by participating in State Farm’s Steer Clear® training program. Drivers participate in lessons, watch videos about safe driving habits and take quizzes in the Steer Clear app. As part of the program, drivers must also complete five hours of practice driving. 

Once a driver completes the program, the Steer Clear app awards a certificate of completion, which allows them to earn a discount on their policy. Talk to your State Farm agent to learn more about Steer Clear program discounts in your area.

State Farm Car Insurance Cost: Conclusion

State Farm has become the nation’s largest auto insurance provider by offering diverse and effective insurance products, excellent customer service and lower-than-average insurance premiums. The company also provides several ways for customers to save money through good driving habits and bundling insurance products.

Top Auto Insurance Recommendations

Comparing car insurance quotes is a smart first step in choosing the best policy for your needs. While State Farm is our top pick for most drivers, other providers might better suit your needs or budget. Now that you know about State Farm auto insurance costs, consider checking out USAA and Geico before you make your decision.

USAA: Best for Military Members

USAA is the fifth-largest provider of auto insurance products in the U.S. and offers the most affordable average rates of any provider we ranked. You and your immediate family can benefit from USAA’s low rates if you’re an active-duty military member or veteran. 

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Geico: Best for Budget-Conscious Drivers

As the third-largest insurance provider in the U.S., Geico offers affordable car insurance rates to drivers of all ages and backgrounds nationwide. With the company’s mobile app and DriveEasy program, drivers can take advantage of additional discounts for maintaining a good driving record.

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State Farm Car Insurance Cost: FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about how much State Farm car insurance costs.


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