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Canadian car subscription company, Roam, is reinventing car ownership

TORONTO, Nov. 30, 2022 /CNW/ – The trend away from car ownership towards usage-based mobility models is gaining momentum.

Short-term models such as car-sharing are making it easier for consumers to access cars on-demand. But until recently, mid-term and long-term car access – from a few months to many years – has been limited to conventional ownership models like financing, leasing or buying a vehicle outright.

Car subscriptions offer consumers a new option

Canadian car subscription company, Roam, has launched a new model that gives consumers the benefits of owning a car without any of the the hassle or long-term commitments.

Roam’s car subscription service lets users get cars from top automotive brands for as long as they need. Plans start at just one month. There are no commitments: users can return their car or switch it for another make or model whenever they want. The subscription service is all in: insurance, routine maintenance and roadside assistance are included in a single monthly fee.

Roam, previously called Curbo, was founded in 2020 by Canadian entrepreneur Apoorv Gupta. Gupta created Roam with the goal of modernizing the car ownership experience to match the expectations and lifestyles of consumers in the 21st century.

“People are constantly on the move and life circumstances can shift quickly. Consumers now see traditional car financing and leasing contracts as a burden rather than a benefit,” says Gupta.

“In addition to flexibility, consumers want the car ownership experience to be simple and convenient. A Roam car subscription comes with insurance, routine maintenance, and roadside assistance bundled in so you don’t have to figure those detials out on your own,” adds Gupta.

Businesses are adopting car subscriptions too

It’s not just consumers that are moving to car subscriptions, Roam has many business customers. Car subscriptions offload many of the hassles of car ownership so business owners can focus on other challenges knowing that all the administrative and service work that comes with a vehicle is handled by Roam.

“One of the benefits of a car subscription for your business is that you can make changes on the fly – scaling your fleet up and down as needed. Our business customers tell us that’s important, particularly in an uncertain economic environment, where they need to make changes quickly,” say Gupta.

In a world where many of the products and services we use daily are moving to subscription models, Roam’s car subscription service provides the flexibility and convenience that has been missing from car ownership.

Roam currently operates in Canada and is expanding into the US.

To see car subscription options, visit Roam’s website: roam.auto.

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For further information: on this story, please contact: Apoorv Gupta – Founder and CEO, Roam, [email protected], 647.339.7679 Or Duncan McCall – General Manager, Roam, [email protected], 416.817.3031


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