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Can You Still Buy a Reliable Used Car for $1,000?


Nov 20, 2022 #buy, #car, #Reliable

A reliable used car for just $1,000 has become increasingly rare. Today, if you want something you can count on in this price range, you’ll have to make other car buying sacrifices. You may have to choose an unwanted vehicle with visible damage, such as caved-in doors or bent fenders. You also may have to spend hours inspecting vehicles with vaguely written ads before they go to auction. It is also worth noting that the cheapest example of any make and model is rarely the most reliable. A car that’s cheap now can cost you a lot of money down the road.

Vehicles with visible damage are often cheaper

Rows of used cars parked in the lot outside a dealership with red and white banners and a Toyota sign visible in the background.
Used car lot | Steven Miric/Construction Photography/Avalon via Getty Images

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