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Best Car Insurance Apps (2023) February 6, 2023

USAA Mobile App Reviews

Recent reviews from both the Apple App Store and Google Play lean toward the negative, with users complaining about issues such as the app’s feedback link not working and the car insurance app feeling slow, clunky and unintuitive. However, these complaints represent a small subset of reviews, as overall ratings show that the app is satisfactory for most users.

Our team reached out to USAA for a comment on its car insurance app reviews and received the following response:

“USAA has upgraded its award-winning mobile app within the last year to make it faster, more personalized and incorporating an advanced search function that leverages predictive text and natural language features. Our new app leverages the power of machine learning to provide integrated, personal insights and actions with visual upgrades, faster speeds on delivery and performance, including a reduction of 6.5 seconds off load time across the app, as well as simplified, engaging messaging. We always welcome any feedback regarding USAA’s mobile app and are constantly exploring ways to improve our member experience.”

USAA Telematics Car Insurance App

USAA’s telematics program, SafePilot®, runs off a separate car insurance app. This program is available in select states, and the app has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 in the Apple App Store and 4.2 out of 5.0 with Google Play. USAA SafePilot monitors your driving habits, including phone use, harsh braking and how far you drive, in order to calculate your discounted insurance rate.

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State Farm: Editor’s Choice

We picked State Farm as our Editor’s Choice for auto insurance following our comprehensive review process. It earns strong industry ratings across numerous J.D. Power studies and offers a variety of affordable full-coverage options and deductibles for you to choose from.

The State Farm car insurance app allows drivers to quickly and easily view and manage their insurance policies and other assets. You can also:

  • Pay your insurance bill through Google Pay or Apple Pay
  • View your auto insurance ID card
  • Access coverage details for your car insurance policy
  • File a claim and track its status
  • Request roadside assistance

Some features are exclusive to the iOS version and get left out of the Android app. This includes utilizing Siri for various in-app actions, sending text messages to your agent and logging in via Touch ID or Face ID.

State Farm App Store Ratings

According to customer ratings, the State Farm car insurance app performs exceptionally well across both Google Play and the Apple App Store, as seen by the scores below.


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