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10 Best & Worst Car Insurance Comparison Sites (2023)

The best and worst car insurance quote-comparison sites

With dozens of insurance websites at your fingertips, picking the best insurance shopping experience can be overwhelming. To help you choose, here’s a comprehensive list of sites to compare car insurance quotes on.

  1. Insurify

  2. The Zebra

  3. Gabi

  4. Policygenius

  5. Compare.com

  6. SmartFinancial

  7. Bankrate

  8. QuoteWizard

  9. ValuePenguin

  10. Otto


Insurify tops the list, ranking as the No. 1 insurance comparison platform in the U.S., according to Shopper Approved.[2] It’s quick, easy to use, and free.

Drivers love Insurify because it provides real-time quotes from top auto insurance companies. That way, you get legitimate rates from some of the most reputable insurers. Insurify is a virtual agent that’s licensed in all 50 states.

How Insurify works

You start by entering your ZIP code, car information, and driver details. You’ll then have to choose whether to add comprehensive and collision coverage. Next, Insurify asks for your name, birth date, and other information to match you with available discounts.

The form asks if you’re currently insured and a few questions about your driving history. Then, you’ll enter your email, phone number, and address to streamline the process and get accurate quotes from top insurance companies, like Liberty Mutual and Nationwide.

Insurify partners with more than 200 insurance companies throughout the U.S., including both regional and big-name, national insurers. It can match you with personalized discounts and coverage options all in a matter of minutes. The site works well on mobile and desktop browsers, and Insurify also offers a user-friendly app.

In addition to comparing quotes for car insurance with Insurify, users can also compare quotes for home and renters insurance, all on the same platform. Insurify has paired millions of drivers and homeowners with their insurance policies.

Real car insurance quotes from Insurify


Insurify provided quotes from eight different companies. The site listed the name of the insurer and the quoted price, along with any reduced prices and available deals.

After comparing rates, you have the option to view more details about the offer and to continue the quote process with the company of your choice. Alternatively, you can purchase a policy on Insurify itself. The questionnaire is fast and simple, and Insurify users can secure coverage in two minutes.

A Liberty Mutual car insurance policy on Insurify’s website

Why you should trust Insurify

Founded in 2013, Insurify has built a reputation for pairing users with personalized and accurate real-time quotes sourced directly through its partnerships with America’s leading insurance companies, including Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Allstate, and Progressive.

In addition to its partnerships with top national and regional insurance companies, Insurify also powers insurance comparison platforms for Toyota Insurance Management Solutions, Santander, Autotrader, Chime, MassMutual, and Nationwide. Insurify provides a legitimate, comprehensive insurance comparison platform recognized and trusted across America.

Top 5 advantages of Insurify

  1. Partners with most of America’s top national and regional companies

  2. Displays legitimate quotes in real time

  3. Offers a quick sign-up process

  4. Protects your data so you’re not bothered by unsolicited phone calls

  5. Provides an excellent mobile app experience

The Zebra

The Zebra is another auto insurance comparison site. It aims to simplify insurance by giving you real-time quotes. And, like Insurify, The Zebra is free to use.

You can get coverage no matter where you live — the site partners with more than 30 top insurers and offers quotes in all 50 states. The company got its start in auto insurance. But you can also use it to compare home, renters, and condo insurance policies.

How The Zebra works

To get quotes from The Zebra, you have to first enter your ZIP code. You’ll then be directed to enter additional information, like whether you currently have car insurance and whether you own or rent your home.

After that, the site asks for information about your vehicle and insurance history before moving into questions about you and other drivers who may be on the policy. You also have the option to create an account and save your information for easier access next time.

Car insurance quotes from the Zebra


The Zebra delivered fewer results compared to the options Insurify offered. Still, the auto insurance companies were reputable and included well-known names, like Liberty Mutual.

After comparing options and choosing an insurer, you click through to complete your quote with your preferred company. The Zebra transfers your data to the insurer to to streamline the process.


  • Shows quotes in real time

  • Partners with reputable, well-known insurers


Gabi is an online insurance broker. The site lets you compare multiple quotes and offers policies in all 50 states. However, Gabi doesn’t offer a real-time experience: Someone from the Gabi team will send you a follow-up email with personalized rates within 48 hours.

The company works with more than 40 insurers to help you find affordable car insurance. With Gabi, you’ll see policies from Travelers, Safeco, Clearcover, and Nationwide to name a few.

You can get quotes for landlord, renters, home, and umbrella insurance if you’re looking for additional coverage.

How Gabi works

The first question Gabi asks when you request a quote is the name of your current insurer. Gabi then requires you to enter your phone number, and it sends you a six-digit verification code. Gabi also requires you to consent to marketing text messages, calls, and pre-recorded messages before continuing. After you verify your phone number, you’ll enter basic information about your address, vehicle, and driving history.

Gabi’s privacy policy in regard to their users’ data

Alternatively, you can upload your current policy to the Gabi website, and a Gabi team member will pull your information from it. They will then send you insurance quotes via email within 48 hours.


Gabi only listed one car insurance quote, for Travelers, along with an ad for Progressive that displayed no price, despite advertising that it works with 40+ insurers.

A car insurance quote from Travelers and an ad from Progressive on Gabi’s website

Overall, Gabi doesn’t seem to provide much value or save you much time when shopping for auto insurance.

The Best Car Insurance Companies

The Best Car Insurance Companies


Like Insurify and The Zebra, Policygenius is an online insurance marketplace. It helps you compare car insurance policies from multiple companies. In addition to auto insurance, the comparison site can help you get a great deal on home, disability, and renters insurance.

Policygenius claims to save drivers an average of $435 per year on auto insurance. The site also claims to save shoppers an average of 35% when bundling home and auto insurance through its platform.

How Policygenius works

When you shop with the Policygenius marketplace, you start by entering your ZIP code. You’ll also choose whether you want to bundle your auto insurance coverage with homeowners insurance to qualify for additional savings.

The site asks about your current auto insurance company, policy length, and cost. It then asks you to list out every address you’ve lived at for three years before it moves onto details like claims history, driving record, name, and address.

You’re also required to put in your occupation, personal annual income, credit score, and vehicle make and model.


Policygenius doesn’t display real-time prices when getting an auto insurance quote. Similar to Gabi, Policygenius offers to send you personalized quotes by email or phone.

One perk of Policygenius is that it specializes in comparing bundled home and auto insurance quotes. This focus can save homeowners time when shopping for coverage. It’s also a good bet if you’re looking to bundle policies, but it may not be the best choice when comparing auto insurance quotes.

Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance


Compare.com is another car insurance comparison site where users can compare real-time quotes from multiple companies at once. But unlike some of the other sites on this list, Compare.com specializes solely in auto insurance — it doesn’t offer options for homeowners or renters insurance policies.

Compare.com works with more than 75 of the top insurance companies in the United States, according to the company’s website. Some of its partners include well-known companies like Liberty Mutual, USAA, and Travelers.

Compare.com claims it saves its users an average of $720 a year on their auto insurance policies, and many of its reviews echo that sentiment — Compare.com customers have generally positive things to say about their experiences using the site. The company has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from users on Shopper Approved.

How Compare.com works

Compare.com claims to make money by saving its users money. Most of its revenue comes from commissions from partners when users purchase a policy through Compare.com, according to the site’s “About Us” page. It claims not to sell your information to partners, unlike some other sites.

To get a quote from Compare.com, you’ll start by entering your ZIP code. From there, you’ll answer several questions related to your vehicle, home address, driving and insurance histories, and several other factors insurance companies use to determine rates.

At the end of the process, Compare.com asks for your contact information, including your email address and phone number (which is optional), in order to show you your quotes. After a brief 30-second countdown, you’ll land on a results page displaying your final quotes.


Compare.com listed six quotes in total on its results page, five of which included actual rates. The last quote — from State Farm — didn’t include a price but had the option to finish the quote on State Farm’s website. You also have the option to select several different coverage levels — “minimum,” “basic,” “plus,” and “premium.”

Every quote from Compare.com showcases your offered monthly premium, the total cost over the life of the policy (usually six or 12 months), and how much is due the day you purchase your policy. If you choose to purchase one of the policies offered, Compare.com will transfer your data over to the company’s website, where you’ll complete the purchasing process.

An ad from Allstate on Compare.com


  • Fewer results than Insurify

  • No way to purchase your policy directly on Compare.com

  • No option to compare home insurance quotes


SmartFinancial offers more than auto insurance. You can also get home, life, health, Medicare, and commercial business coverage.

The company partners with more than 200 insurance companies. SmartFinancial claims to sort through all 200 insurers to find the best rates while also checking for discounts.

How SmartFinancial works

After entering your type of car and answering questions about your driving history, you must enter a valid address and phone number to view your rates.

The online form was quick and simple to fill out. It’s one of the most user-friendly options when it comes to online insurance comparison sites.

An ad from Progressive on SmartFinancial


After going through the process, SmartFinancial showed three results. Getting so few results was disappointing, considering the company claims to work with more than 200 insurers. The results didn’t include car insurance premiums. It also didn’t show details about the amount of coverage or policy limits.

Each recommended car insurance company had a “view my quote” button to get more information. But clicking it redirects users to that company’s website to complete yet another form to get a quote from that company.


The comparison tool is powered by homeinsurance.com, Bankrate’s corporate affiliate, and while it offers a route to quotes from top companies, most quotes displayed to users are advertisements.

How Bankrate works

Using Bankrate’s comparison tool is a little confusing. After filling out a basic questionnaire about yourself, your car, and your insurance history, click “continue” or choose to search directly with insurance companies like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate.

The “continue” button will take you to a secondary form where you’ll fill out a few more questions about your vehicle. “Searching directly” takes you to a pop-up with advertisements.

Advertisements from insurance providers on Bankrate’s website


Bankrate’s comparison experience didn’t render any quotes. Instead, the site displayed ads directing users to insurance companies’ websites. Overall, Bankrate’s tool isn’t very helpful for comparing quotes.

More: Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

More: Bundle Home and Auto Insurance


QuoteWizard started as a family-owned company in 2006. LendingTree bought the platform in 2018, and QuoteWizard is now a LendingTree company.[3]

LendingTree is a well-known company that owns nine different brands, including CompareCards, DepositAccounts.com, Magnify Money, Student Loan Hero, and Ovation Credit Services.[1]

Here’s why it matters: The platform can share your information with LendingTree affiliates, network partners, financial companies, and other business partners.

If you use QuoteWizard, it may distribute your personal and contact information, which could result in unwanted calls and offers in your mailbox.

How QuoteWizard works

You can check rates from QuoteWizard online or by phone. The online process claims to give you a quote in a matter of minutes. You also have the option to speak to an agent by phone.

QuoteWizard asks for the information you’d expect: vehicle year and type, current insurance company, date of birth, name, and address. However, you must enter a valid phone number to continue with the quote process.

If you’re a homeowner, you have the option to bundle your homeowners insurance and get a multi-policy quote.

An advertisement from Progressive on QuoteWizard


QuoteWizard returned four results but didn’t list the rate for any of the four options. Instead, it offered a “view my rate” button to click through and continue the quote process.

The site requires you to re-enter your information when visiting the recommended insurers. Filling out online forms can be rather tedious. Rather than time, using QuoteWizard seems like an extra step when comparing insurance quotes. Most results were ads.


  • Doesn’t display quotes; primarily displays ads

  • Sells your information, resulting in unsolicited phone calls

ValuePenguin claims to help you “find clarity in your financial decisions.” The site goes beyond auto insurance and offers home insurance, health insurance, and credit card recommendations.

Like QuoteWizard, ValuePenguin is owned by LendingTree. It became part of the LendingTree family in 2019.

That means the same information-sharing applies — ValuePenguin can give your name, address, and other information to its affiliates, partners, and financial companies.

How ValuePenguin works

ValuePenguin is unique in that it lets you pick your auto coverage level before starting the quote process. You can choose full coverage or liability only.

The form asks just three questions to begin: ZIP code, age, and whether you have insurance already. From there, you’ll enter your vehicle details, driving history, name, and address.

The quote process is exactly like QuoteWizard — ValuePenguin has the same questions, form layout, and insurer results. The similarity is likely because LendingTree owns both companies[3].

An advertisement for Compare.com on ValuePenguin


ValuePenguin showed the same four results that QuoteWizard provided, and the experience was pretty much the same.

Users don’t get quotes or policy information. Instead, you must click “view my rate” and then visit the company’s website to complete the process and get a quote. Overall, ValuePenguin showed ads, not actual quotes.


  • Doesn’t display quotes; primarily displays ads

  • Sells your information, resulting in unsolicited phone calls


Otto is a policy-comparison website claiming to use “cutting-edge technology” to help save users money on their car insurance policies. It doesn’t offer up much information on its team, tech, or other details that help legitimize the product.

With a quick search, users can see that Otto has received quite a few negative reviews for its service, with many customers claiming that the website is a scam to gather users’ personal information.

How Otto works

Using the Otto product is relatively simple. Similar to other car insurance comparison websites, users must fill out a short questionnaire about their vehicle, driving history, and insurance coverage needs. Otto requires users to create an account to view quotes.

Advertisements for Progressive car insurance quotes and other life and home insurance quotes on Otto


Otto offered no real quotes. Instead, it displayed advertisements that redirected to other websites, including for home and life insurance quotes — not exactly what users searching for auto insurance need.

Otto is a lead-gen site that sends users to other websites instead of showing them the real quotes it promises. Plus, Otto makes no promises of data privacy or security on its website.


  • Doesn’t display quotes in real time

  • Lists options for life and home insurance, even if you’re just looking for car insurance

Insure.com Car Insurance Review

Insure.com Car Insurance Review


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